your financial pathway

The pathway to achieving your goals is different for everyone.  Sometimes there are more bumps in the road then other times, Striker Finance aims to turn that rocky road into a smooth freeway.

your dream property

Purchase, Bridging and Construction Loans – There is so much to keep track of when purchasing a property and even more if you are building your dream home. Talking to a trusted adviser before you begin the process, can help you work out your real borrowing power we liaise with the lender along the way. Creating a stress free process is at the heart of what we do, so you can focus on the finer details, like what colour throw pillows are required or which room the Hi-Fi system will go.

more ways to save

Refinance and Consolidation – There are so many options with different lenders and products that it can seem confusing. Life can get in the way and leave you time poor but you know you need to act to get a better rate or get debt under control. As your trusted adviser we will sit down with you and tailor a solution that meets your needs and requirements, to give you financial breathing space. We’re on your side.

the bank said no

Credit File – Sometimes you hit a bump in the road where nothing seems to go to plan, you are not the first and you won’t be the last. We know how to handle this situation and can help you move forward. There are other options out there.